Franks Homebrew77

great review chap. your right that is indeed the business for fermentation fridges. cheers

Drunken Pukeko Brewing

That looks quite interesting, I’ll have to see if I can find some around here in NZ and give them a shot.


Good review, saw these the other day in store and figured they’d make a great low profile airlock to fit in my small fridge. Cheers

Steve Moulson

Looks a good little investment. Cheers


A very good find, always looking to solve the smell problem, I’m think it might be activated carbon that’s inside the filter, I’m only guessing, used for a lot of air filters and such, cheers!

Lew Brew

that would be nice for long term aging, you would have to worry about it drying out. Cheers!!

Tony Howard

Well done great little review will get one of those PDQ…….


Looks worth a try at least. As you say not sure it would cope with a full fermenter, but the space saved is reason enough to get one. Cheers fella.

Crewe Wolf

will keep an eye out for these Grant like you say When i got my 33ltr bucket in fermenting fridge and put bug in top having to use blow off tube all the time as don’t even have room for the cheap 3 piece airlock that Wilkos do you know the ones that Ant loves lol Cheers for the heads up fella

Chris Cook

What an amazing and simple product!! Absolutely fantastic find!! I ordered of there internet site as soon as I saw this! Would recommend this product to anybody that enjoys brewing! Does what it says on the tin…. Beats all existing airlocks hands down!! Couldn’t be more happy!