How does the Sterilock prevent contaminants from reaching the fermentation vessel?

The patented nanoseal used in the Sterilock has been designed to allow Co2 gasses to safely vent while preventing contaminants (including bacteria and wild yeasts) from entering the fermentation vessel. The specific technology involved is called ‘Twisted Path Technology’ and was first used in the medical industry to safely filtrate bodily gasses from blood and tissue.

How do the odour absorbing capsules remove fermentation odours?

The patented capsules have been developed using a special blend of activated carbon granules to absorb all fermentation odours as they vent the Sterilock.

How long will the capsules last?

The capsules are guaranteed to last over a standard 5 day fermentation of a regular beer or wine kit. However, test results show the capsules often last over 3+ brews. We therefore recommend the capsules are only replaced when odours become apparent.

Note: Certain sulphur based Turbo Yeasts designed for short, 2 and 1 day fermentations, may require replacement of odour capsules on a more frequent basis.

How do I clean my Sterilock?

Usually a simple soak in a regular sanitising solution will suffice. We recommend at minim soak of 30+ minutes. However, if fermentation liquids have reached the seal, we recommend removing the seal from the airlock and soaking it separately to ensure the seal is totally cleansed. To do this, simply remove the Sterilock lid and insert a thin pen/pencil into the end of the Sterilock that fits into the grommet/cork/bung and gently push out the seal. To reassemble, simply push the seal into the end the lid fits, ensuring it fits flush.

How long will my Sterilock last?

The Sterilock has been designed from tough (virtually unbreakable) food grade plastics and should last a lifetime. As long as it’s properly maintained, the seal will also last almost indefinitely. However, damage to the seal can affect performance and it is strongly recommended that in the event of such an occurrence, the seal is either replaced or a new Sterilock purchased.

How long will the Sterilock continue to protect my brew?

The Sterilock is the perfect bulk storage airlock because it will continue to provide protection from contaminants as long as it remains fitted in the fermentation vessel bung/cork.

What if I want a visual reference to determine my brew is fermenting?

While determining if fermentation has commenced is usually simply a matter of viewing the fermentation vessel, it is understood many people like to see the familiar bubbles of escaping Co2 that tell the brewer fermentation has is in progress. Sterilock is therefore about to introduce a visual indicator that can be fitted to all existing Sterilocks that does exactly that.

How is the seal breathable?

The patented nanoseal reacts to pressure flows from both outside and inside the fermentation vessel. This means, if atmospheric conditions become greater outside the vessel, the seal will filter air free of wild yeasts and bacteria into the fermentation vessel. In turn meaning, once fitted, you can dispense your brew from a tap without ever having to lift the lid of your fermentation vessel and exposing it to potentially harmful bacteria and wild yeasts.

Can the food fermentation airlock be used for fermenting alcohol?

No, the seal used in the food fermentation lock is specifically designed to handle the vastly reduced co2 output that occurs in food fermentation.