SteriPÛR Odour Absorbing Capsules – PK 4

£4.68 inc. vat

SPECIAL OFFER – Ends 30th Sept 2015

  • 4 SteriPÛR ODOUR ABSORBING CAPSULES – Capsules remove ‘ALL’ fermentation odours
  • CAPSULES FIT ALL SteriLOCK AIRLOCKS – The SteriPÛR Odour Absorbing Capsules can be optionally fitted to the SteriLOCK by simply removing the airlock lid and inserting the white (smaller diameter) end of the capsule.
  • EACH CAPSULE LASTS AT LEAST A BREW – Each SteriPÛR capsule will remove all fermentation odours for at least 1 brew. However, tests have shown most last upto 5 fermentations
  • ZERO MAINTENANCE – Simply discard the SteriPÛR capsules after use

Many Brewers love the aromas produced by fermenting beers and wines – others (usually partners and other family members) can be a little more sniffy on the subject. Differing points of view that can now be resolved by the unique SteriPÛR Odour Absorbing Capsule. Optionally fitted in seconds to a SteriLOCK airlock, the capsule’s activated carbon absorbs ‘ALL’ fermentation odours over a minimum of 1 ferment and often up to 5.


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