Pack of 3 REGULAR MOUTH Grommeted Plastic SteriKAP® Lids and Sterilock® Airlocks

£14.99 inc. vat

  • UNIVERSAL LID FIT - The 72mm Diameter Grommeted SteriKAP® Lid fits all REGULAR Mason and Kilner jars
  • UNIQUE ANTIBACTERIAL AIRLOCK - Sterilock® Airlocks allow Co2 to safely vent, while preventing all contaminants – including bacteria – from entering the fermentation jar, meaning no fear of the jar exploding and no mould to scrape off your ferment.
  • AIRTIGHT FIT GUARANTEED - Unlike existing airlocks, the Sterilock® has a smooth insertion tube that ensures a 100% airtight fit with the SteriKAP® grommet
  • FIT AND FORGET CAPABILITY - After fermentation, the Sterilock® Airlock will continue to protect your food from contamination.
  • SMALL IS USEFUL - At a minuscule  2cm high, the Sterilock® Airlock ideal for fermenting in tight spaces such as kitchen counters and cupboards.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE - Simply soak the Sterilock® Airlock in any sanitising solution after use.
  • DURABLE AND SAFE - Made from tough food grade plastics, the Sterilock Airlock® is virtually unbreakable, meaning you only buy this airlock once
  • AN ODOURLESS OPTION – The Sterilock® Airlock can be uniquely fitted with a SteriPÛR® Odour Absorbing Capsule that removes ‘ALL’ fermentation odours for at least 5 seperate ferments
Includes: 3 x REGULAR SteriKAPS, 3 x Sterilock Airlocks and full user instructions


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