SteriLOCK Antibacterial Food Fermentation Airlocks – Loose (3) (6) (9) (12)

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  • ZERO EXPLOSION RISK – The SteriLOCK allows Co2 gas – a natural bi-product of fermentation – to safely vent, while  preventing contaminants – including bacteria –  from reaching your fermenting foods, meaning no fear of the jar exploding and no mould to scrape off.
  • OPTIONAL ODOUR REMOVAL - The SteriLOCK can be fitted with a SteriPÛR Odour Absorbing Capsule that removes ‘ALL’ fermentation smells.
  • GUARANTEED AIRTIGHT FIT - Unlike existing airlocks, the SteriLOCK has a smooth insertion tube that ensures a 100% airtight fit with all SterLID’s
  • FIT AND FORGET CAPABILITY - The SteriLOCK has no water barrier to top up and continues to indefinately protect your food both during and after fermentation.
  • FITS ANYWHERE - The SteriLOCK is only 2cm high – 15cm shorter than a regular water based airlock – making it ideal for fermenting in tight spaces.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE - Simply soak the SteriLOCK airlock in sanitising solution after use.
  • DURABLE AND SAFE - Made from tough food grade plastics, the SteriLOCK is virtually unbreakable, meaning you only buy this airlock once.

The water based airlock has been credited to such luminaries as Galileo and Leonardo Da-Vincci. No doubt a natural response to the simple brilliance of the design. Our research however tends to suggest the airlock was invented between 1827 and 1828 by intellectuals belonging to the Accademia Dei Georgofili seeking ways of preventing their wines from turning to vinegar.

Regardless of who and where the water-based airlock was first created, it’s clear it’s design has remained mainly unaltered for nearly two centuries. In fact, it’s taken the recent advent of nanotechnology used in the SteriLOCK Airlock to finally surpass it’s anti-contaminant capabilities.

Using ‘Tortured Path Technology’ the SteriLOCK’s patented nanoseal allows Co2 molecules to safely vent the fermentation chamber through micropores so small they prevent ingress of all contaminants – including both wild yeasts and even Bacteria. A truely unique ability that for the first time in fermentation history means food fermenters can guarantee their precious creations remain contaminant free. Include this unique ability with the many other unique benefits the SteriLOCK provides and it’s easy to see why it’s swiftly becoming recognised as the most advanced fermentation airlock in the world. Though SteriLOCK is the first to recognise it stands in the shoulders of giants; visionaries like Richard Feynman who in 1956 first stunned the world with the concept of nanotechnology. Ideas that other visionary Galileo had endorsed some 400 years earlier when he said:

‘All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.’

Galileo Galilei


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