SteriLOCK Alcohol Fermentation Airlock + 1 SteriPÛR Odour Absorbing Capsule

£3.99 inc. vat

  • NO CONTAMINATION – The SteriLOCK’s patented Nanoseal ensures Co2 can safely vent the fermentation vessel while preventing all contaminants – including bacteria – from passing through the airlock
  • NO ODOURS – The SteriLOCK can be fitted with an optional SteriPÛR Odour Absorbing capsule that removes ‘ALL’ fermentation odours
  • SMALL IS USEFUL – Standing only a couple of centimetres above the fermentation lid the SteriLOCK ensures Brewers can ferment in any tight space, including shelves and beer fridges
  • DURABLE AND SAFE – Made from tough, food-grade plastic, the SteriLOCK is virtually Indestructable
  • SIMPLE TO MAINTAIN – Simply soak the SteriLOCK in sanitising solution after use

Pack Includes 1 SteriLOCK Airlock and 1 SteriPÛR Odour Absorbing Capsule

The water based airlock has been credited to such luminaries as Galileo and Leonardo Da-Vincci though our research tends to suggest that airlocks were invented between 1827 and 1828 by various intellectuals belonging to the Accademia Dei Georgofili.

Though whoever and wherever the water-based airlock was first created it’s clear the brilliant design has remained mainly unaltered. In fact, it’s taken the recent advent of nanotechnology used in the SteriLOCK Airlock to finally trump the design. Using ‘Tortured Path Technology’ the SteriLOCK’s nanoseal allows Co2 molecules to safely vent the fermentation chamber through pores so small they prevent ingress of all contaminants – including Bacteria! A truly unique ability that when added to the many other unique benefits the SteriLOCK provides, it’s easy to see why this airlock is swiftly becoming recognised as the most advanced in the world.


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