SteriVIS Co2 Detectors – PK 4

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imagePack of 4 Fermentation Detectors + fitment adaptor


  • ULTRA SENSITIVE – SterVIS Detectors identify Co2 gas in seconds, enabling brewers to instantly ascertain when their fermentations commence.
  • ULTRA QUICK – The SteriVIS Detectors react to fermentation hours and sometimes days before a traditional airlock begins to bubble
  • HIGHLY VISIBLE – The SteriVIS turns from blue to glowing gold as Co2 is detected
  • INCREDIBLY ACCURATE – When fermentation is complete, the SteriVIS returns to blue
  • FLEXIBLE – Using the patented Sterilock adapter the SteriVIS  can be fitted either directly to the Sterilock airlock or the odour capsule
  • FITS IN SECONDS – The SteriVIS  is simply peeled from the silicone strip and fitted to the adaptor in seconds
  • LASTS AT LEAST A BREW – Each SteriVIS is designed to last over at least a five day brew
  • ZERO MAINTENANCE – Simply discard after use

As one might expect from Sterilock, the patented SteriVIS Co2 Detectors are another world first. Using cutting edge colour-metric technology, they can be fitted directly to Sterilock airlocks or onto Odour Capsules via the patented adaptor and will detect Co2 output from fermening Beers and Wines in seconds. Meaning Brewers can detect the commencement of fermentation HOURS – and in some cases DAYS – before a traditional water-based airlock begins to bubble. Add to this other unique abilities like, SteriVIS Detector’s can be fitted in seconds, require zero maintenance and are simply discarded after use, and one begins to see why Sterilock is fast becoming recognised as the most advanced fermentation airlock in the world.

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