The Sterilock® Kefir Refill Sachet – Makes 30+ Litres

£6.99 inc. vat

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  • THE PERFECT KEFIR STARTER KIT - The simple, safe sanitised way to START making Kefir at home
  • NO GRAINS, NO STRAIN – A freeze dried Kefir sachet capable of producing a minimum 30 Litres of delicious organic Kefir that doesn’t require a seive
  • A CONSTANT KEFIR SUPPLY - After making your first 1 Litre batch following the Instructions proved,, simply retain 3 tablespoons of the Kefir in the 1 Litre Jar, add another Litre of milk and voila… 24 hours later you’ll have another Litre of creamy Kefir to drink.
  • Pack includes: 1 x sachets of freeze dried starter culture and full user instructions


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