The Sterilock® STANDARD Width, Ball Mason Food Fermentation Starter Kit

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The Sterilock® Fermentation Starter Kit is the perfect kit for introducing starters into the wonderful world of fermenting.
Each kit is delivered in a bespoke protective Sterilock® box and contains:
1 X Quality Ball Mason standard 945ml Jar with two part metal lid
1 X SteriKAP® Grommeted BPA free plastic lid
1 X unique, patented Sterilock® Airlock that allow co2 gas to vent from the jar while preventing ingress of all contaminants (including bacteria).
1 X Full fermenting instructions

Simple, safe, Fermenting for the 21st Century – The Sterilock® Fermentation Kit means food fermenters no longer have to remember to ‘Burp’ their Jars. Simply remove the two part metal Kilner lids, fill the jar with the food you wish to Ferment, add the brine, then screw on the SteriKAP® lid and insert the Sterilock® Airlock.
Then simply forget your Ferment until it’s complete.
After Fermentation simply refit the two part metal lid and store your Fermented Veg somewhere cool.
The Sterilock Fermentation Starter Kit is also perfect for fermenting Kefir and Kombucha

  •  Kit comes in bespoke protective Sterilock Box and includes 1 x 1 Litre Standard Width Ball Mason Jar with metal 2 part lids, 1 x Grommeted plastic SteriKAP® Lid, 1 x Sterilock® Airlock and full user instructions

Includes 1 x 1 Litre Kilner Jars with metal 2 part lids, 1 x plastic SteriKAPS Lid, a patented Sterilock® Airlock and full User Instructions. All packed in a bespoke double wall thickness Sterilock box to prevent shipping damage.


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